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I began acting very early. At age 4, my first appearance was next to Domenico Modugno in the tv movie IL MAESTRO DI VIOLINO. At that time child actors were truly a rarity! At age 5 I performed next to Paola Borboni in GEORGE SAND, the tv drama with Anna Proclemer, directed by Giorgio Albertazzi. After that I appeared in CASA CECILIA, the first popular Italian sitcom with Delia Scala, in the tv drama MARTIN EDEN, and in GIALLO SERA with Renzo Palmer. I was also in many famous tv commercials. At 8 years old I had my debut in cinema thanks to Francesco Rosi who wanted me in a leading role in his film TRE FRATELLI (THREE BROTHERS). It was a marvellous cast: Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Philippe Noiret, Michele Placido and Charles Vanel. Appearing in Three Brothers, in May 1981, I was the youngest actress at the Cannes film festival. The film also had an Oscar nomination in 1982.

I was in Cannes for the film festival at the Carlton Hotel, where all the actors were hosted. After the screening of my film I was approached by a tall man. His incredible magnetic eyes are still printed in my mind. He told me in English he was very impressed by my interpretation and he predicted for me a brilliant career. “Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be together in a big movie!" I had no idea who he was, so I just gave him a smile of circumstance. He was Jack Nicholson! ...maybe I should call him, he might remember!?

I was directed by Steno in the film QUANDO LA COPPIA SCOPPIA with Enrico Montesano. I played young Fanny Ardant in Anna Maria Tatò’s film DESIDERIO. I had the honour of being Mario Merola’s daughter twice in the famous films CARCERATO and TRADIMENTO. I remember that gentle giant, who inspired me a bit with fear, bringing the babà on set for the whole crew, that used to greet me by pinching my cheeks. In 1985, performing with Tom Conti and Giancarlo Giannini, I was among the stars of an American film called SAVING GRACE; An amusing contemporary tale directed by Robert Young. Balancing work, studies and a normal teenage life was difficult, so I decided to pursue my dream of being a dancer. I entered the National Academy of Dance in Rome. After that I entered the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (National School of Cinema). The 2 years I spent there were fantastic. My love for cinema exploded. I used to sneak into the editing rooms where they were still using the slow-motion, in the sound mix halls, listening to the stories of great masters like Piero Tosi. Fausto Brizzi gave me the first leading role on stage in his funny comedy ALTERAZIONI IN EQUO CANONE, and the following year in CUCCIOLO with Massimiliano Bruno. In the boom years of tv dramas I had guest roles on many television series, such as DON MATTEO, CARABINIERI, CODICE ROSSO, CUORE CONTRO CUORE. In 1997 I was chosen to play the role of Basemah in a big co-production with US, SOLOMON - THE BIBLE. In 1998 I was in the American tv movie BONANNO A GODSFATHER’S STORY. In 2006/2007 I was in the theatrical tour of FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, starring with Giampiero Ingrassia. In 2008 I decided to dedicate myself to my other great passion: food. I graduated as a professional chef. I love home cooking, linked to traditions... I dream of my own inn in which I will delight my guests with the products of my garden and good wine next to a fireplace. After appearing in the funny role of Denise in the popular tv series UN MEDICO IN FAMIGLIA, the producers decided to give me the leading role in one of the most popular Italian tv series, CESARONI. EX, MASCHI CONTRO FEMMINE and FEMMINE CONTRO MASCHI,three movies directed by Fausto Brizzi in which I play small roles. In the summer 2011, Woody Allen wrote a role for me in his movie TO ROME WITH LOVE, appearing next to Roberto Benigni.

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